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In Response to Students’ Demands…

We are here to present another great series of classes!


Your Universe is Expanding!

5-Week Tele-Course

November 14, to December 12, 2011

8:00-9:30 PM EST

Save the dates on your calendar now!


Whatever you want out of life, it’s going to happen!


Sounds great!  If you’re still searching for the meaning of life or how to achieve everything you ever wanted to be…


But then what?

What happens when you have all you ever wanted, achieved every dream, and love everyone who ever loved you?


What happens then?

Do you start over or begin to explore more?


What more can life provide once you’ve reached your star and become greater than you ever believed possible?

We are here to prove you are a person of worth, someone to be respected, and  you respect and tolerate all others...


“Can someone else help me?”


ü  You can discover who you are meant to be!

ü  You can rise to your greatest destiny!

ü  You can be loved immediately/completely!

ü  You can be honored now and remembered after you’re gone!


All of these thoughts and ideas will be covered in five weekly classes conducted by Ruth Lee.  Yes, it is time for The Scribe to step out of her meditative life once again and teach others… And what a marvel-filled course it will be!


Before you claim you can’t rise higher in the world …or that you’ve reached a plateau in your spiritual life … check out The Scribe’s latest course and sign up now!



How can you work with someone unlike you … yet knows how to help you?  If you’re wondering, you haven’t worked with Ruth Lee!  Once you work with those who can rise higher than others… in a life far above where you are now…you will agree that Ruth Lee is unlike all others -- yet teaches what everyone needs..


As a spiritual scribe, Ruth Lee holds nothing back while channeling teachers from other realms who have arrived in time to help Earth survive and stay on track.  Her scribed work clearly demonstrates not only how to survive, but how to thrive in these times or any other.


You are never asked what you own, what you do for a living, or who you love.  You are given work to complete on your own at home…Such assignments are ongoing in order to develop your spiritual life…You need a place where you can connect to your spiritual source.  You will be urged to journal and write in Spirit along with The Scribe.


All who wish to ‘Write in Spirit’ will do so!


You say you can’t combine several lines of thought into one?  No problem! You will be shown ways to develop your everyday life, as well as strengthen your spiritual work.  Once you know how to tap into your inner source, the supreme being of your life, you will be able to write as a Spiritual Scribe might.


Your creative life requires work!  All who want to create and succeed in life must realize it takes more than wishes and daydreams to make it happen.   You can easily develop enough spiritual muscle to receive your share of spiritual gifts now.


Take up your life and look it over…If you need help OR wish to be more creative---able to write, paint, sculpt, or weave from the heart, do not hesitate to get in line right now and sign up for this course!



All who have enrolled by now know why.  However, if you require more information before you can sign up for these classes…there will be a follow-up letter next week  describing the course in greater detail.  This mailing is intended for those who have waited patiently for Ruth Lee’s 2011 event.  They know nothing is ever repeated, nor are they ever forgotten. 


For those who rely on the testimony of others to determine if classes will benefit them… Here is what a few students said about their experiences working with Ruth Lee.


Since 2006, I have been blessed beyond measure by attending online classes lead by Scribe Ruth Lee, providing vital information from The Teachers of the High Plains and other spiritual beings who work through the Scribe to help us now.  These classes have helped me overcome the stresses of my busy life, deepen my connection to God, and learn spiritual practices which I use every day. 


The practical information and spiritual lessons I have learned from Ruth Lee in these courses helped me become a happier, healthier person, achieve more success in my career, and create more harmony within my family.  If you have the opportunity to participate in a class with Ruth Lee, do it!  Your life will change in unexpected and miraculous ways.  Mine did.

~ Lynne Klippel, author, publisher, coach


Thank you so much, Ruth, for all of your classes, seminars, retreats, coaching and more over the years.  I appreciate all of the teachings, wisdom, and truths you share.  They are invaluable to me and have helped me to stay on track with my life goals and objectives. All of my life I've been looking for this type of clear guidance and support.  I'm so happy I found you!  Thank you for helping me be the best I can be, to let go of what's no longer needed, and for helping me create a bright future where it is easy to be me.

~  Sarah Ritchie, Ontario, Canada


It remains a great mystery how each class affects every individual at such a heartfelt and pertinent level -- but they always do! Without exception the material is eye-opening, challenging, and always on target with respect to what the student needs to move toward achieving a greater sense of balance, inner peace, creative power, and freedom from fear.  


The combination of depth and practicality in Ruth Lee's classes is amazing …whether the focus of concentration is working with dreams, enlarging one's perception of time, tapping into artistic abilities, developing career, or healing.  Ruth always delivers material that is fundamental to conquering difficulties in life, drawing upon students' vast inner guidance and fostering their growth into all they aspire to achieve and be.

~ Julie Powell, Asheville, NC


The last webinar, “Handling the Stress of Success,” helped me make major inroads into my worry patterns and all the negativity that goes with it.  I learned so much about how to make a deeper connection to my inner guidance to achieve practical results.  Prosperity flowed to me in huge amounts throughout the course.  There is no denying it was a result of that energy!


I absolutely love the webinar format when you are guided to certain pictures to use along with the lessons.  I feel myself being rewired in each session. I get more out of any of your programs than I get from programs teaching the nuts and bolts of business.


I highly recommend any course Ruth Lee teaches, because you will never be the same!  You will definitely change for the better!  You easily connect to your heart and can feel transformed… not with a lot of fanfare...more like a whisper.

~ Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer



How long would it have taken me to reach this state of confidence and harmony in my life? I often wondered if I would ever have the degree of success and freedom I now enjoy. I have learned so much from the classes and coaching that I have received from Ruth Lee!


It has made all the difference, and I give her full credit for pushing me to do my best and always holding my feet to the fire. I have moved out of countless comfort zones and moved up and out of ruts, scaled the heights, and plumbed the craggy depths of life’s mountains… always, with Ruth’s encouraging words ringing in my ears:  “You Can Do It Kath... Just do it!”

~ Kathy Safchick, Pittsburgh, PA


I took a journaling class from Ruth many years ago and still journal today. It was my first introduction to the value of journaling, and it made an impact on my life.  In addition to keeping a journal to capture my thoughts and feelings, I also capture my dreams and write in spirit, all from taking a variety of classes with Ruth.


I have also taken several meditation classes as well.  Again, I have learned "life lessons" from Ruth in these classes.  Meditation is one of the key basic practices for any spiritual journey. I have learned a lot from Ruth on how to meditate—various techniques, as well as how to breathe properly when you meditate.


This is my journey I'm on, not Ruth's, but I'm so happy to have some help along the way.  Ruth has been that spiritual advisor for me for many years.  I am truly thankful for her advice, her time, and her responsiveness to my requests for help and support.  You can count on Ruth to be there for you and with you.

~ Penny Sanchez, Virginia Beach, VA


Ruth’s classes help me get rid of the fear that creeps into my day by giving me tools to rapidly dismiss the fear from my mind. I use Ruth’s classes for the “edge” I need to be clear in my goals and to help my clients be clear in their goals. She helps me be fearless, so I can move forward with my business instead of running in place…or worse—moving backwards.

Before I took my first Ruth Lee Scribe class I tried to meditate, and no matter what I tried, I could not get my mind to quiet down. After using Ruth’s meditation cd and participating in her classes, I am able to meditate daily for at least 20 minutes—and up to one hour.   With a quiet mind, thoughts still come - BUT they float away like they are supposed to.

~ AJ Van Wallendael, Executive Business Advisor


I have been privileged to work with Ruth Lee in many classes and seminars.  Because of these, I feel I have grown as a person and gotten in touch with my spiritual self.  Most of the classes I attended related to problems that occur in our daily lives, designed to teach us how to deal with real situations in order to improve ourselves and better our relations with others.


I look forward to once again working with Ruth.

~ Marge Porter, Allison Park, PA


A few years ago my whole life changed as I was guided to meet Ruth Lee and receive my first counseling session and introduction to my Guides. The most comforting words "WE ARE ALL HERE", awakened the sleeper in me as a feeling of peace I had never known settled within, and my deeper spiritual journey began. Participating in Ruth’s classes is always something I feel called to, find irreplaceable value in, and always appears as the next logical step in my path. My experience truly cannot be properly expressed in words as it is my own personal discovered treasure, and is written forever in my soul. I cannot say what your personal experience will be, though profound in many meaningful ways for you I am absolutely sure of. 

~ Rebecca Nichols, Artist and Designer



PS:  As always, no gimmicks, no prizes, no free gifts…and this time no discounts. The price has been sharply reduced to celebrate Ruth Lee’s 20th year working with your Guides and The Teachers.

PPS:  More information describing this 5-week course beginning Monday, November 14 and ending December 12, 2011, at 8:00 pm EST, will be provided those signing up now.  A future mailing will provide such information to all others.


(Please Note: Below is an example of a past retreat.)

Calling all busy Women who feel stressed and are ready to be blessed

Join Ruth Lee’s
Dream Quest
September 8-15, 2009
Tucson, Arizona

Explore the territory and terrain of your dreams with Ruth Lee guiding you through life's most valuable lessons:

  • How to live your dream now
  • How to work within dreams to solve life’s problems
  • How to create dreams you can achieve…
  • PLUS many more valuable tools that enable you to be all You ever wanted to be!

Be Wise! Be Aware!

You possess all you need to be the most amazing personality you can possibly be, and you can increase your potential by dreaming and designing your best life now.

Join Dream Weaver, Ruth Lee, in a shamanic adventure created each day within the space between your eyes. Expand the You who arrives in Tucson in September! Enjoy a week developing your ability to dream and promote your future.

To recreate your life and improve on whatever it was, escape to serenity. A desert oasis where you can relax, meditate, and enter a state of ecstasy we call Dream Quest.

Native American women follow the tradition of Dream Quests in their tribal traditions, whereas their men go on Vision Quests. We will not violate or imitate their religious beliefs in order for you to have your own shamanic dreams while working with Ruth Lee.

All you have to do is dream to
Become a new more wonderful YOU!

Set aside time to enter a dream-filled world with other women who also walk this path and can help you find an easier way to initiate your personal Dream Quest. What better place to escape the daily grind than in a place where you can hibernate safely—far from interruptions that upset dreamers.

Learn how to live your dreams…
Awaken to all that you can be!

Ruth Lee’s 2009 Dream Quest takes place at Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona. You will be coddled and cared for by one of the world’s great resort staffs. Be at peace surrounded by mountains and acres of beautiful grounds.

You will love your dream cave—secluded enough that your personal spiritual journey is not interrupted by others—unless you want to mingle with others attending the powerful seminars and workshops led by Ruth Lee.

Each participant has a private suite with its own private outside entrance so you can enter your portal and sleep as deep as you need to dream and awaken to greet the dawn on your balcony or to walk the grounds alone or with friends.

Your location for this Dream Quest

Westward Look Resort

Tucson’s first resort…Tucson’s finest resort!

Westward Look Resort is located on 80-acres of limitless desert land in the foothills of the 9,000-foot Santa Catalina Mountains overlooking the city of Tucson in Southern Arizona, a true oasis.

Built in the early 1900s in a flawless setting, you are free to explore the grounds and get closer to nature. Views of the mountains and city below abound from every corner and angle, creating a sense of peace and serenity for our unique spiritual retreat.

You will breakfast daily on contemporary, yet distinctive tastes and flavors, as well as dine most evenings on the four-star dining room’s award-winning cuisine, which is lovingly prepared with herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown in the on-site Chef’s Garden.

Each suite has its own balcony or patio offering gorgeous views of the Santa Catalina Mountains, desert environment, or desert gardens.

This lush Sonoran desert setting offers us an inspirational setting with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, abundant wildlife, and expansive views that easily incorporate the meditational elements of your spiritual work privately—and in groups. Enjoy sunsets from your room, or morning hikes with friends, and checking out Tucson's famed night skies with the resort’s high-powered Celestron 2000 telescope.

Let Ruth Lee and friends prepare you for nightly adventures in time. Seminars with daily events designed to enhance your Dream Quest. Those who have attended Ruth Lee’s Spiritual Retreats in the past know how quickly you can grow spiritually in just one week.

Dream Quest is about you
Being all you can be now!

Opportunities to mingle with people of like-mind to enhance your spiritual adventure and ability to dream are increased during outside expeditions included in the week’s itinerary. Westward Look’s renowned Spa, horseback riding, and tennis are available at additional cost.

Typical Day for Vision Quest Dreamers…

Nothing is left to chance when you study and work with Ruth Lee! Each day has a program that links to and grows through you to enhance the total experience enjoyed by all seeking to work within their dreams along with you.

  • You can stay up all night or sleep-in to dream more.
  • Bountiful breakfasts and dinners provided daily.
  • Most days after breakfast you join others to study your dreams and what they mean, as well as explore spiritual worlds through outside adventures.

Increase your dreamtime and expand your future!

Ruth Lee provides each dreamer with a complete personal Dream Quest program prior to the retreat. She gives more than you need to increase your dream work with her and after you return to your everyday life. You will be as busy as you wish to be. This Dream Quest experience will nourish your spiritual work the rest of your life.

Are you ready for upcoming world changes…
Ready to experience a deeper spiritual life?

Now is The Time…to insure that you are present, attending a great retreat designed with you in mind. Mark your calendar and join Ruth Lee and friends in Tucson this fall.