CDs: Psychic Development for Everyday Use

Are You Using Everything God Gave You?

When you arrive on Earth, you are given spiritual gifts to help you successfully navigate your way through life. Let’s refer to these psychic gifts as your Guiding Personal Spirit or GPS system. Keep in mind that ‘psychic’ means ‘of the soul.’

Wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, you can activate your GPS system at any time to find what you need to know and how to develop your creativity, too.

Lost or cruising along – are you worried that

‘Maybe I made a wrong turn along the way?’

Now is the time to remove any doubts that you have missed something that everyone else knows. Now you, too, can access your inner GPS and seek out assurance when in doubt, whether it be choosing the correct path or the right partner. Now is the time to develop your psychic abilities so you can easily use them to benefit you and others, too.

If you do not already recognize Ruth Lee as a great spiritual teacher, know that she has been an outstanding psychic practitioner for many years. She has used her psychic gifts most of her life and in 1991, upon leaving an executive position in corporate America, devoted her life’s work to helping others spiritually.

Known as “The Scribe” to thousands of readers and students, Ruth Lee has published 11 books, plus various audio tapes and CDs. She has lost count of the number of seminars, retreats, radio shows, and classes she has taught since answering the call to write for others in Spirit.

Psychic Development for Everyday Use, as developed and taught by The Scribe, captured the hearts and minds of a large group of men and women who studied the subject at length with her via phone classes in the fall of 2008. At the bottom of this page are listed a few of the unsolicited testimonies received after those classes and when the course was over.

The opportunity to study Psychic Development with Ruth Lee in person over the phone is no longer an option. That course will not be offered again and the classes as presented will never be repeated, but never fear!

You, too, can work with Ruth Lee

For the first time, Ruth Lee is offering you the opportunity to study with her in the privacy of your home. You, too, can work with a famous psychic who reaches out and teaches classes she channeled for your use. You work at your pace…mastering each step before advancing to the next one. You can spend days, weeks, years working on what develops your spiritual life best.

Take a moment to identify a few ways you can benefit from using Ruth Lee’s home study course to develop your psychic abilities…

  • Feel confident when making decisions
  • Relax and meditate easily
  • Tap into and connect with your inner guidance quickly
  • Develop discernment and gain great wisdom from your spiritual source
  • Use your spiritual gifts to enhance your every day life in every way
  • Become more joyful, satisfied, and successful
  • Attain true peace of mind!

Psychic Development for Everyday Use

~ A Home Study Course ~

Designed to help you use your intuition to
Improve your everyday life




This powerful program includes hours of instruction on 8 CDs, as well as an Introductory Class geared to helping you get the most benefit and value from this course immediately.

When using the Home Study course of Psychic Development For Everyday Use, you explore all your gifts, as well as receive in-depth training on the basics of spiritual work.

Everyone needs to master the following basics, if you wish to reach out and use your spiritual gifts to help others, too…

CD 1: The Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is the basis of all psychic and spiritual work. You must master relaxation so you can rapidly advance in all other aspects of your spiritual work. Ruth Lee guides you through the total relaxation process, helping you shed worries and stress in order to enjoy peace of mind. Using this CD, helps you attain a greater awareness of your spiritual life.

CD 2: Meditation for a Joy-Filled Life

Meditation is easily achieved when you know how to totally relax and let go of all thoughts. To achieve this state of bliss and be able to release all that pertains to your mundane and everyday life, simply follow Ruth Lee’s guidance on this CD and then practice on your own.

CD 3: Altering Your State of Mind

Once you master relaxation and meditation, learn how to enter a light trance state where you can more easily develop your art and zest for life. This class builds on previous work to increase your awareness of what goes on around you and you may not be aware of now.

CD 4: Visualizing a Better Life

Before architects design a building, they first envision how it will look and how it can be built. You, too, can use visualization to become the architect of your life. Learn how to envision outcomes that increase your livelihood and your ability to make good decisions.

CD 5: Affirmations Are Simply Amazing!

Repeating positive statements enables you to reprogram and change the stale, too-often negative messages that play by default in your mind. Learn how to change those messages. As you think, you change your mind, as well as your future life.

CD 6: Divining with Psychometry and Pendulum

Learn how to use a pendulum to quickly make decisions using your intuitive source. It is so easy to use and so fascinating that you will use it a lot. Various dimensions of psychometry are introduced so you can decide how you will develop your gifts in this field.

CD 7: Color Dynamics

Color is a very powerful aspect of life that many ignore or do not know how to use. You need to know how it impacts your thinking and what it can teach you about others you deal with in your life. Change the color and change the dynamics of your world!

CD 8: Prayer Makes All Things Possible

The power of prayer is often forgotten in our modern-day world. This class covers what you can do with prayer. For example: How to create a better world; as well as what not to do. This final lesson on life combines all your spiritual work thus far to become the cornerstone of your successful implementation of this home study course with Ruth Lee.

Okay, now take in a deep breath, then let it out slowly and ask yourself if you will benefit from enhancing your ability to work in Spirit and use your psychic gifts under the guidance of Ruth Lee. Now listen for the answer from your GPS…

If you were given the approval to move ahead and sign up now, don’t hesitate.


When this website opened its doors last year, you were given the opportunity to take a tele-course with Ruth Lee, The Scribe, on Psychic Development for Everyday Living. It was a huge success and many subscribed even though they had to be there at one specific time on one special night and no taping allowed.

They got it! They worked hard and as the classes progressed, they sent in letters about them. We have gathered some of those letters for you to review, in the event you are concerned that you cannot do this work too.

Note: When Ruth Lee conducts classes only first names are used. This is to avoid the real possibility that people will become personally involved rather than maintaining the degree of impersonality required for spiritual development.

When I started the Psychic Development program, I was filled with questions. And, after the first night, I wasn’t sure if I was over my head. But I decided to just let go, trust, and see what would happen.

Over the days I have come to awareness and unexpected answers. Things are happening for me. I feel like I have a ticket to the ‘insider information’!

Thank you,

I have benefited from the Psychic Development class in so many ways, but the three things that stand out the most are:

  1. Making relaxation a priority has made all the difference in helping me connect with my intuition and use my psychic gifts more effectively.
  2. The LOVE affirmation has been a powerful tool for transformation in my life and relationships.
  3. I now can own my psychic gifts and use them daily. I feel much more alive

Bless you, Ruth, for all you do,

My life improved dramatically while I studied psychic development with Ruth Lee. I found that I made wiser decisions, could tell when someone was lying to me, and improved my health. To top that, I made more money and was blessed with many new opportunities in my career. These tools brought me peace of mind. I will use them the rest of my life.

With gratitude,

Since the Psychic Development classes, I am praying like never before! Many miracles have already occurred in my life. I am in a Divine state of mind now, more conscious, more awake and aware the God is with us.


This unique class guided by the Teachers of the High Plains gave us enlightenment, strength and power to fulfill our dreams, and the opportunity to be us in a divine and unique healing way.

Blessings to all,

I am so glad I gave myself the gift of this class! It has already become my support system. While visualizing, I learned that boundaries were important for me. My life was too focused on others. Now I’ve learned to set some boundaries for myself, to name what was important and good for me. I am more spacious and liberated now.

Thank you,

Time is slowing down for me since I started studying with you, Ruth. I am not so overwhelmed with all the things I have going on. Plus, the things that I dreaded doing, like filing, seem to take no time at all. I am so much more efficient, focused and am getting more done every day.

I feel alive, rejuvenated, wiser and more caring. Even my yoga is better! My health, career, and life are glowing and growing. I am so grateful for the Psychic Development Course. I will use these skills for the rest of my life.