Book: Writing in Spirit - Jeanne's Story

What do women want?

Over a century ago Freud pondered that question and came up empty.  Until now few have ventured into the mind of Today’s brilliant women seeking the answer.   Here is your chance to discover what one such woman wants out of life, as well as what she is willing to settle for and why. 

Why are relationships so hard? 

New Book: Writing in Spirit - Jeanne's Story by Ruth LeeBad boyfriends, unethical bosses, nosy neighbors, and friends who take advantage—Jeanne Beck’s life is full of them. She dreams of her Prince Charming, but when she catches the eye of a movie star, she panics under the glare of the paparazzi. Is he her dream come true or a nightmare?
Jeanne discovers while writing in her journal that she isn’t alone! Her inner resources give her the strength to evolve from a doormat into a confident, wise and successful woman who builds her own business and even adopts a Special Needs child.

This unique novel lets you peek into Jeanne’s journal as she explores her world and expresses her thoughts and feelings as her hand writes what comes through spiritual channels. Not only do you bear witness to Jeanne’s personal and spiritual evolution, you find yourself confirming her theories and practices.
Whatever your belief system, you will recognize your truth and wisdom throughout Writing in Spirit. It is so much more than just a novel. Jeanne’s explorations of mind and spirit will enhance your relationships and deepen your convictions and connections to your inner guidance system.

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  1. Lucy
    Mar 11, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS RUTH! I've been anxiously awaiting this new arrival. For those of us that have your books can always use another dose of spiritual reality. Call it a spiritual awakening for some and a spiritual renewal for others. You wrote what you were guided to, therefore you have given birth to this new book. The day is it finally available for sale should be the books birthdate. Yes I know U must think I'm all crazy. No, (maybe a little) I just realize how many months, years, etc goes into this. For those that know you well, probably like I, look to you as our spiritual mentor, someone to look up too, and someone we all love. So congratualtions to our Spiritual Mom!
    Love, Prayers & Hugs

  1. Millicent
    Millicent PERMALINK
    Mar 13, 2014 at 10:33 AM

    Hey Ruth, I just shared today in my Noon Prayer Walk with the students at Point Park what it says in this book about how you flourish in your Tribe. I know that I flourish with this group and with my church members because I am allowed to be who I am and express myself spiritually. Thanks again for this book. I'm only on page 82 now, but can't wait to finish.

  1. Ruth Lee
    Mar 19, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Many thanks to everyone who has dropped by or dropped me an e-mail about the book in celebration of its content. I want you all to know that on April 1, 2014 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (USA) i will be conducting a Free webinar on "Writing in Spirit" and you are welcome!

    Even if you cannot tune in that day or time, if you sign up you will be sent a link to hear the replay. All of this is to signify that a new day has in which everyone can heed their inner guidance and work in Spirit as i have working as a spiritual scribe for more than 20 years. It is not easy, but once you know how to access your source, all other things are much easier this life!

    Take time to be yourself and as authentic as possible and you will enjoy life so much more. Many thanks to both Lucy and Millicent who follow totally different spiritual and religious paths and yet can find help in this book as well as all the others.

    Blessings on you all and hope to see you at the free webinar!

  1. Ruth Lee
    Mar 19, 2014 at 8:23 AM

    Had to stop and look up the link for the free webinar on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT. copy and paste this to your browser and sign up now:

  1. Rita Vescio
    Rita Vescio PERMALINK
    Nov 27, 2014 at 7:58 PM

    Hi Ruth...Sharing the "Jeanne's Story Writing In Spirit" with the Women of Destiny secret group has been an incredible experience. Each chapter relates to all of the "Women" in one way or another. Your "Writing In Spirit" has allowed me to write freely with an open writing is unstoppable & very descriptive. The words flow on paper, my mind is open; not realizing what is written until my hand stops writing. The words find their way until a clearer picture becomes a reality opening up to many possibilities, opportunities and celebration of growth. My senses have become heighten, my "gut" feelings are more pronounced and my intuitive senses are apparent. This is truly a blessing, a miracle and an a wonderful opportunity to share with the "Women of Destiny".
    Thank you for sharing...I am very grateful.
    Rita Vescio
    Wasaga Beach, ON Canada

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