Within The Veil: An Adventure in Time

A Book Far Ahead of Its Time...

Within The Veil: An Adventure in Time arrived unexpectedly in 1995. Immediately swept away by its powerful, strange story-line...I did not want to change anything as I watched my fingers rapidly type a new chapter each day!  It all arrived as though from another mind in another time. 


Wishing others to experience that same thrill, I did little editing to the text...letting you, the reader, feel changes in time for yourself.  Never having written anything like it before, I never dreamt my life would follow my art from then on--not the other way around.


Within The Veil explores time and space in ways quantum physicists can only dream about.  Entering a land of mystery, You step into timeless space while unseen others talk about life as it seems to be.  Be forewarned: The introduction to An Adventure in Time is like no other!  As you follow one woman's adventures in mystical Mayaland, You begin working in time and space on your own.


Even if not a mystic now, you will enjoy the amazing transformation that takes place when a successful New York stockbroker, Mandy Sheriden, drops out of the rat race to seek adventure far from Wall Street.  You are with her as she takes off to visit Mexico and lands among the Maya... quickly becoming embroiled in mystery when shamans greet her arrival as though she is a long-awaited, fabled storyteller from ancient times. 


Unable to change their minds,  Mandy decides to go along with the shamans...thus entering an adventure of many lifetimes. You are with Mandy as she is admitted to traditional Mayan ceremonies and moves Within The Veil of time to experience a new kind of spirituality. You remain connected to the present while traveling through time and space to be initiated into these arcane mysteries.  


Once initiated to the mysteries behind the veil of time and space--as one with The Ascended Maya who created this world and reside in time, you leave a world of financial dreams realized for a life where such success is meaningless--of no use--not who You are!


Within the Veil:An Adventure in Time is available only here...so order your copy now and get started on your own journey into time!


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Follow up on Mandy's adventures in Mayaland.  Join her as she creates a utopian world and invites other successful women to 'retire' in Mayaland.  Each friend brings their exceptional pasts to life in an indigenous community that blossoms with their love and guidance.