Book: We Are Here


The Teachers of the Higher Planes

First in the series of Books of Wisdom


Prior to October 6, 1993, no one on Earth was aware that Teachers from Higher Planes were gathering to help everyone on Earth not only survive but thrive. If life ever comes to an endunexpectedly, know how to ascend!

On that fateful date, Ruth Lee sat down to work and felt a weird sensation in her crown shakra as she typed text she had no awareness of at that moment in time. She had no idea where it came from or why she was chosen to write it. What appeared became the first book in the series described as The Books of Wisdom.


WE ARE HERE will change your life!

WE ARE HERE, the first book channeled by Ruth Lee, defines everyday life as lived now. Merely reading its wisdom changes lives forever! Even after one quick read, you will return again and again--to discover something new about You.

The Teachers reveal mysteries of time and life while answering universal questions. Their lessons provide in-depth explanations in simple, down-to-earth language. While deploring our mundane problems, they easily untangle the messes we have created, and explore life as it exists beyond our awareness. You cannot ignore their sense of urgency that Earth must be saved!

This book changes minds!

WE ARE HERE is not of this time or place, but in our space! It captures all that we are and will be. Anyone seeking to transcend this life and ascend at its end need only open this book to any page and begin reading what you need to know right now.

Time spent working with The Teachers, learning why they arrived in time to help all on Earth survive will transport you to other worlds...without any need to leave this life.

When WE ARE HERE ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes landed in the Scribe's mind that fateful day, she 'trance scribed' the following session which is included as an Addendum to the first Book of Wisdom. It is awesome! No where else will you find so much wisdom given with such passion.

The MP3 file below allow you to listen to a two part class on We Are Here by Ruth Lee, Scribe.

We Are Here, Part 1

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We Are Here, Part 2 

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Sample The Teachers' wisdom and wit here...

Session One

(Found on page 169 of We Are Here)

All the world awaits the second coming of Christ, but are unaware that we are all here! We of God exist in everything you do, and everywhere you are, we are. God is never absent so how can he come again?

We often hear you speak of second-hand information and second-hand goods, but you never speak of what you know to be true to you--if not anyone else you know who will also talk about such things. All of the so-called facts you have been given about God and angels and such things are such a tangle of mischief and misinformation that it is no wonder you do not know what to believe.

No single individual alive knows how God works on Earth, that is why we are here. Many of us have appeared from time to time to assert God's will and to help those stuck hopelessly in time, or what you call time, but we have never been particularly interested in contacting and teaching human beings.

The Earth is a special classroom where many go for extra credit. It is not an easy assignment and requires that we sit down with our souls and work out exact lessons on how to develop to a higher level. If the lessons are incomplete, dropped, or failed, the soul has to recover from the loss and then return to Earth, and return to Earth, and return to Earth, ad infinitum, until the lessons are learned.

The Earth is a special classroom where many go for extra credit. It is not an easy assignment and requires that we sit down with our souls and work out exact lessons on how to develop to a higher level. If the lessons are incomplete, dropped, or failed, the soul has to recover from the loss and then return to Earth, and return to Earth, and return to Earth, ad infinitum, until the lessons are learned.

All of Earth is such a mess now that it would take a class of scholars to attend each class and mentor each student to get a passing grade. We are very concerned that the mess is not going to be cleaned up in time for souls to meet their individual deadlines (so to speak).

Each soul has a reckoning to make from time to time if that soul is to merge into oneness with God. Now Earth is taking too long to travers, and people are not learning their lessons. If God should choose, life would be cleared of all foul air and streams in a second, but God lets man dominate this world and try his own hand at management. So God is standing aside to see how you do manage it. He is not angry or forbidding, just sorry that sense was so lacking in latest times that anger and greed got to all--even the clearest thinking individual souls have been mired in it.

Now I see that you are not as we are. You are not as souls of spirit, but rather as souls of mud and grime who need to be clean before you can be seen. It is not a bad thing to be cleansed, but small children often fear it. We suspect that many will hate to be cleansed, but afterward will revel in the wonderment of it all.

Using I is a reference to the soul within The Scribe and not the souls who write. We do not intend to confuse those who will read these words, but we are all of us from many different planes and aspects, and we have gathered to assemble this work and have found a suitable scribe, but The Scribe is limited to doing work she is able to comprehend. Thus, we will continue to use 'we' when we are speaking, but an occasional 'I' means that we have added her own understanding as well--even though she does not recognize it as her own.

(You ask) Will you be hearing from souls you knew in another time?

No, we are not the souls of those gone before you in your place and time. We have never been on Earth and thus are arriving from far distant planes and times. As we proceed to channel this material and you continue to absorb the truth of this work, all will be made clear. We knew you would come to this point eventually, and we have been preparing to help you find out what you need to know in order to proceed with haste to the next phase of the evolution of man.

All of life is a wardroom and not at all a pleasant change from the usual. We sense you often fear death as a time when you are punished, but that is far from true. You are in fact in the worst of all places while on Earth, and it is for that reason you must work hard to flee it. Work is necessary--not play! Play is what has consumed all of your minds in recent years, and those who work are regarded as strange and out of adjustment, when in actuality, they are right!

There are three major lessons that must be passed with straight A's before you can go on to another place and time in another plane. The three basic chores that have to be completed by each and every person are:

1. Work hard each and every day. There is no sacred day when no spiritual work is required. You may relax at any time, but it is not necessary to stop your spiritual work while you relax. In fact, that is the best time to meditate.

2. Socialize with other people. You must learn to get along with all others who occupy your space and time! You have each taken on different roles from time to time in order to truly understand each other, but you must finally assimilate all this knowledge of people and fully tolerate all other humans before you can be released from this plane forever.

3. You must do no evil to anyone. This includes you. By evil we mean: physical harm, mental torture, or manipulation of others for your own selfish ends. We will go into this more at another time.

These three things are required of each and every soul who transfers out of this plane. If they have not been accomplished, the degree of failure is assessed and recommendations then made by the human's entire being (soul) to determine how best to correct that tendency. It may be easily decided within the soul or it may require the intervention of that soul's Higher Guides, and if the Higher Guides are not at all in agreement with that soul's plans, an Over Guide or judge is appealed to for a decision. At all times, God is the supreme judge and would only be asked for a final decision if all other courts (so to speak) have been unable to resolve the issue of how that soul should proceed.

Life goes on and on at the human level, but on other levels, it is! It does not start at one point and progress to another, it is! As a human on Earth prepares to leave this plane for the final time and is prepared by the soul to advance, this sense of timelessness is almost understood once more.

We sense a bit of disturbance in the being of those who fear 'the end' means the end of all life. They find it impossible to believe that this life is not the best of all possible states to be in and refuse to go forward. This results in a delay of that soul's progress. Forget the past. What is the future? All you are and ever will be is now!

(You ask) How do you know what work you should do?

That is not difficult to know. It simply requires that you remember. Remember the sessions within your soul prior to your entering this Earth plane. The memory trace exists and needs only to be recalled. Just as you need it and want it, the memory surfaces. But if you refuse to listen to the inner workings of your soul, or you choose to forget why you came to Earth, your entire life may be spent in uselessness. Your life will be dominated by endless cycles of futile endeavors that never meet approval in your own eye. That is the clue to discovering that you are not on the right track.

Once a soul discovers that life is to be lived according to preordained destinies and fulfilled by each and every other soul one meets along the way, a unity of peace and helpfulness enters into that sphere and life becomes gentle and loving. We work with all souls, but we love those who love others more than they love themselves. Such a soul is so developed that it has no need to hoard its love--rather shares its abundance with all who come in contact with it.

We seek nourishment from the air, and that air is not now great because of such ill will and unhappiness abroad. The very air is made up of vibrations that rise to the highest levels and cause a lot of movement. If the vibrations are stagnant, as they are now, nothing evolves to a high degree at the bottom--where you are. That is why we are here now.

The day is coming when all are ready to be helped. It is not a good time to be on your own. Help is seldom available at out-of-the-way places. We need to be on our own, but you need companionship. If the way grows tangled or you slip, a partner or team can help you get up and over that spot. If you are alone, you may be left to die. That is what has happened. Each of the souls now on Earth sees itself as alone or nearly alone. We want to shine our light on the Earth so that you may see how much God loves each of you and that you are of God. You are never alone. We are here.

This is the message for the day, October 6, 1993.