Book: The Work Begins

The Work Begins

The second book in the series, THE BOOKS OF WISDOM

Received by The Scribe, Ruth Lee, from…

The Teachers of the Higher Planes

The Work Begins takes over and works over one specific area of each person’s life here on Earth—the need to immediately get to work on developing your spiritual life. In addition to what you need to do and why…mind-boggling revelations are dropped as if everyone knows it! Such surprises away the reader on almost every page and definitely change even the most biased reader into believing in the power of God and what is going on around us here on Earth now.

The Teachers continue to reveal the solutions to the mysteries life as they provide clues into what else lies around us now. Their work provides in-depth explanations in simple, down-to-earth language that leaves you without any doubts about what they are talking about and is happening now. You will want to give this book to everyone of your friends and family who are ready for it!