Book: The Word of The Maya

Discover a vastly different world-view and philosophy of life than what is generally accepted today. Enter into The Word of The Maya. Step through the gates of time as you read this glorious work!

The Word of The Maya subtly introduces views that will change you--as no other book now available on The Maya does. To comprehend its wisdom, pick up a copy and start reading without any preconceived thought. You will feel it begin to work within your mind and spirit. This book works on you—not the reverse!

The Word of The Maya is a profound and original body of work scribed by Ruth Lee from the most learned teachers of The Maya, whom many of today’s Maya believe to be lost in space. These teachers, although not physically present, are very much aware of our struggles with understanding life as we know it here on Earth. A few are able to communicate and transmit their teachings through the universe to us. Ruth Lee, working as their scribe, is able at times to pick up their transmissions and write them out without conscious thought. You can read and study these messages for the first time now.

The Word of The Maya, transmitted from spheres far beyond us, arrived just in time to assist anyone ready to explore the vast, uncharted dimensions of the mind, Spirit, and the phenomenon of time. The Maya who transmitted these lessons through Ruth Lee are Masters of Time and are acutely aware that our lives on Earth are at a critical moment or junction in time and space when their wisdom can provide vital insights into how to ascend and move into the next plane when the opportunity arises to do so again. This world is quickly approaching another critical juncture when humanity must choose to awaken its highest potential or risk being left behind to fall into decay again.

Whatever the prevailing culture, The Maya arrive from time to time to help anyone able to elevate thought and meditate to deep levels. Just as tribes throughout history have left when their worlds became plagued with carnal problems that defied and/or defiled the work of God, so too will this latest incarnation of man either ascend or be left behind to work once again to ascend when that world comes to an end.

The Word of The Maya is a guide, as well as an ingenious workbook, prepared by the Mayan Timekeepers of ancient times and other planes to help you and I discover our power as spiritual entities capable of creativity, passion, and the ability to flawlessly use our inner wisdom. This book of lessons cleverly challenges the reader to examine and peer deeply into life in order to recognize what is needed and what is best and how to draw upon your spiritual source at will. Not only does this work reveal time-honored ways to awaken our spiritual faculties, it also reveals the path of ascension.

Learn how to fulfill your life so perfectly that you can graduate from this earth plane and enter higher dimensions when called--or at the end of time. To better understand the unique role you are here to play on Earth, enter into Time as defined by The Maya and discover how to align yourself in order to break free of earthly limitations. Open to your fullest creativity, passion, and express yourself more easily. Rise above the obstacles that bind or hold you back, study with The Maya and see into the future. Become wise as The Maya and fly as only they do now.

The Word of The Maya speaks to anyone ready to move up and move ahead quickly. Its creation honors the spirit that unites us with the divine source and imparts wisdom to a world desperately in need of a higher perspective on what life can be and people can achieve. The knowledge imparted in this book can help you seek and find strength, vision, and love beyond all you have ever known.

The Maya want you to achieve and succeed, but the decisions to do so and the journey are yours alone. If you are Maya at heart, you can feel a spark--a desire to unite with kindred spirits and join in the sublime work shared throughout this extraordinary and definitive text about being who you really are and achieving what you came to Earth to finish forever.

May that spark ignite now!