Book: The Making of a Scribe

The Making of a Scribe ~ How to Achieve a Life

You Can Write About


Ever wonder how Spiritual Scribes are chosen and how they work? These questions and many more are covered in The Making of a Scribe. The mystery of how someone can write accurately and quickly, without any apparent thought, wisdom of great depth yet easy to understand is now solved. This book demonstrates how Ruth Lee works with material of a spiritual nature that appears, as if out of the air, as well as how she was prepared for the call.

The Making of a Scribe… offers for the first time insights into the life of one very special Spiritual Scribe of our time, Ruth Lee. This may be your only opportunity to peek behind the scenes and visit with one who does not normally grant interviews.

How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About... is all about YOU and what it takes to improve your views of life so you can be all that you can be without hurting yourself or anyone else. You will be able to share your new-found source of inner wisdom with others as you develop your ability to scribe. You only have to work hard and apply the guidance provided in this book.

Ruth Lee's name in Mayan glyphs

by Millicent Smith, colorized by Ruth Lee