Book: The Art of Life

The Art of Life

Living Together in Harmony

The Teachers of the Higher Planes

Scribed by Ruth Lee

The third book in THE BOOKS OF WISDOM series

Dictated by The Teachers of the Higher Planes

Ruth Lee, Scribe

Third in The Books of Wisdom series scribed by Ruth Lee... The Art of Life covers everything you ever wanted to know about relationships in this life, and Living Together in Harmony remains the most serious and pressing problem of our age!

This is the reason why The Teachers tackled the subject or human relations in its entirety--exploring every area of relationships imaginable--and including some that you would never have thought of yourself. This advanced work by The Teachers explains in down-to-earth language what we all need to know in order to improve our individual lives to become the best society possible now--one that lives together in peace and harmony.

Every chapter--every page is dedicated to exploring our relationships in this world and others - omitting nothing! Without a true sense of who you are and why you are here, is it possible to succeed and enjoy others? Love and life is explained, and help is given by those who seem to see and know everything that we do here on Earth.

It is not mysterious so much as miraculous that teachers from another sphere, using almost total logic in their approach to relationships, can help us with managing our emotions... yet The Teachers of the Higher Planes do it over and over again! As some readers and listeners have said over the years, "It's like attending a class that Mr. Spock has prepared." Yes, it is a lot like that...could The Teachers be Vulcans?

We know not where The Teachers reside when they are not working with Ruth Lee as their Scribe, but we know that she has been able to work with them diligently since 1993.

Finding Love and being loved are not the only areas of life explained in depth with help given. Every relationship you are involved in solving here and now is explored and worked through with you, too.

Love is a matter of relativity. You cannot afford not to read this book and learn how to live happily ever after!