Book: Now is The Time

Now is The Time

The Teachers of The Higher Planes

Scribed by Ruth Lee


The fourth book in THE BOOKS OF WISDOM series...

Readers said over and over again: We are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes is "powerful, hard-hitting, and in your face," "full of insights about every aspect of life," as well as "it changed my life forever!" Are you ready for another book from The Teachers?

Fourth in The Books of Wisdom series, Now is The Time was produced in tape form years ago with The Scribe reading it aloud and is still available in limited supplies, but this is the first time it has appeared in print anywhere!

Now is The Time is the work of teachers from other worlds who have been charged with educating humanity about the basic facts of life and spirituality which have been neglected here on Earth in recent times. Their work is revolutionary in its straightforward approach to curing the ills of this world---immediately--as well as revealing how easy it is to achieve love, success, and peace of mind right now.

This book changes minds! And this is your opportunity to change your entire life within a few hours! One quick read and you will want to go back and read it gain more slowly -- than again and again.

In Now is The Time, The Teachers reveal the mysteries of time and life on this plane. They answer all the great, age-old questions man has been asking for literally ages...and provide in-depth explanations about things you may not even realize exist here. Now you can read and absorb the facts of this life and discover the reason for our being on Earth...and that it is actually easy to understand. This is a marvel-filled experience for all who seek to transcend this life and ascend at the end of it.

There is no time but NOW... yet many think and act otherwise. Why? They are lost in time! Remember, time exists only in our minds and in this single existence in the universe -- thus no need to ever be lost in it! Now is The Time explains why time exists and makes total sense!