Book: Can you Pray?

Can you Pray? We Are Here To Seek The Way

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Can You Pray? started out in a most unusual way. A group volunteered years prior to its arrival to help 'get out the word' about Ruth Lee's work with The Teachers of the Higher Planes and her novels and such. They spent years working on becoming publishers at various levels of expertise...about 27 people in all volunteered to create Lee Way Publishing...and yet no one among them ever saw what was coming or realized why they were working with Ruth Lee and learning how to take a book from print to the public. Not one knew that they would soon be given a book to do just that...and be able to benefit from whatever they did together then.

This entire work of art might now be described as putting the notion of groups working together in harmony to get one thing done to the test...Getting out a book that was channeled and had changed their minds and lives...and share not only the work, but the credit over time.

So many lives veered off when Ruth Lee left everything to them! She claimed no prize or money or even the copywrite. They immediately lost members due to a lack of interest in what proved to be a lot of work. Some even tried to step in and fill the imaginary gap they perceived when Ruth Lee relocated. They got entangled with each others' lives and could not work as they had when Ruth was there beside them.

Such an experiment in participation probably never happend before between sublime teachers from other times and other worlds...and human beings who thought they knew everything and could breeze through it, too.

The optimism of this group created havoc within them individually, and in time only one remained to do all the work...The one forewarned that she would be the editor in chief when everything was said and done--and she was.

So, it is a labor of love by one who was battered and tossed about by others all seemingly wanting to do the right thing by this huge work from Ruth Lee, Scribe...but it is also a work that you will enjoy and be able to use if you are searching for truth and want to work on your own life alone.

Every page contains amazing truths! Every page is a lesson! Be all that you can be is the motto and the way it is meant to be read. So, enjoy! Be aware of the lives that were changed while creating this book for you to work with, too... Be aware that all who work hard are rewarded in equal measure. No one has been neglected and all are protected, but only a few from the original group live as if they were there with Ruth Lee, as she scribed this book.

How to use this book?

When you set out to learn something new, do you expect the teacher to give you lots of homework and test you on it? Some try to skim this text -- just read a bit here and there, and think they know what it is. This isn't wise when your teachers include a sainted, Jesuit priest and others just as learned or aware of what is going on in the air around you here.

The Scribe suggests that you set aside time every day or on a regular basis to digest just one page or even less and think about it until you are able to sense how much you are ready to change and it will be your blessing. Miracles will abound when you put your mind aside and let Spirit direct your life.

Hopefully you will come to know what on-lookers knew then and became aware of later...that much is hidden between the lines.

The lessons are not religious in nature, but back up what you need to be religious. You do not have to believe in saints and teachers from other planes to appreciate what has become a text that teaches you how to live well now-as a human being.

Who was behind the work?

It took many years to assemble the group (described above and pictured below in part) that would provide enough energy for The Scribe to type and read aloud simultaneously this book as it appears today. Little has been changed by the editor of the text...and that means you may have to struggle at times with channeled lines...but not much!

This work lives on in the lives of men and women of today. It was written automatically, some will say, but it was not. It was dictated by those in spirit who teach and know more than their counterparts on Earth know about life today.

They arrived in a breeze, easily downloading through The Scribe lessons on time, energy, prayer, and what you need to succeed and be your best self.

The class assembled around Ruth Lee was there to support her in her work. She needed more energy and a larger magnetic field than usual to do her work. She does not necessarily subscribe to what group members believed then or now or what they say about this book, because she gave them all the manuscript to publish and benefit from any profits. No royalties have been paid to Ruth Lee from the group known as Lee Way Publishers. That is how she wants it to be. It is her gift to the group of individuals who helped her then and are still in her 'will'. She bequeathed this estate to them, hoping they would develop groups of their own and continue to work with The Teachers and others she has channeled over the years. Her work is done with the group now.

>> Read also some background information