Book: Bliss is It!

Bliss is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes What is bliss?

Some believe Bliss is a myth, but we do not. Who are we? We are The Teachers of the Higher Planes, back one last time to help human beings survive the world you created, as well as save your host, Earth. Bliss is It! takes you beyond what others hint is the future.

This final Book of Wisdom is designed to help you achieve bliss now—not next year or when you prepare to die. Now is the Time to move ahead with your life design and enjoy this world—and what will follow if you get it right. If you have previously studied with The Teachers and use their unique common-sense, logical approach to solving life’s problems, you know what to expect…but get ready to be surprised at what happens next! Bliss is It! delves into what you can control while living in this timeframe, yet many deny it. The Teachers speak of bliss as easy to attain and maintain once you align your mind to living fully today. They cover everything you need to know to get along with others and hating no one…including three lessons you must master to ascend at the end of this worldly life. This advanced work explains in down-to-earth language and easy-to understand lessons everything you need to prepare your mind to live in another place and time. Nothing is too complex or arcane to comprehend as The Teachers lead you safely through the maze of time into grace. Throughout this amazing, insight-filled book you are encouraged and motivated to be you while on Earth.

Simply reading this book empowers you to fully enjoy life as you believe it can be. However you came to discover this final Book of Wisdom from The Teachers of the Higher Planes scribed by Ruth Lee, know that you are now ready to step across the threshold into time knowing— Bliss is It!