Book: Angel of The Maya

Angel of The Maya...tales of adventure

Ready for another spiritual adventure in time?

Worried about life after 2012?

Step into Ruth Lee’s world of Spirit,

Follow her into space and time...

Don’t wait until 2012 to meet The Maya!



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Ruth Lee introduced us to the Ascended Maya in her first book to teach in a ‘novel’ way, Within the Veil: An Adventure in Time . Once again, Mandy parts the seams of time to become a Mayan shaman with the ability to remember past lives and repeat ancient stories as well as heal others. In Angel of The Maya, Mandy is a minor character, if that is ever possible, as you enter the communal lifestyle of artists, writers, weavers, models, shamans, and the Maya…All thriving as they adapt traditional and ancient ways to fill modern needs.

Angel of The Maya is mysterious, at times puzzling. Every time you think you have it all figured out—time shifts, moods change, and you're left wondering if you can live this life, too. Yes, you can!!

  • Leave the humdrum world of seeking fame and fortune—being all things to all people.
  • Enter Mandy’s world of world-famous artists and celebrities to create a model world.
  • Live among people of today, guided by an angel and the Ascended Maya.

The Ascended Maya exist beyond time—hovering just above the horizon—waiting to be explored in this ‘novel’ way. You slip into different worlds as you prepare to ascend to a higher plane. Never knowing what changes you will experience as you enter time and explore life on the other side. You may even build a pyramid like The Maya of ancient times! Whatever you do, Angel of The Maya provides much help developing your spiritual life from the inside out.


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Exploring worlds beyond ours can be fun!

Joy and happiness bubble up and flow throughout Angel of The Maya. Experience unique life styles thriving without limitations of time or place. All the while learning how to ascend when this life ends or time dissolves. Join Mandy and her friends’ art-filled lives now!

The Ancient Maya left clues behind that solve the mysteries of life

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Angel of The Maya is full of intrigue, suspense, and characters who become friends before you reach the last page. Along the way you will meet:

  • Wanda, a successful textile artist, tired and depressed due to career demands
  • Terri, a world-famous model with a keen business sense behind her pretty face and a heart that belongs to God
  • Jeannie, a syndicated columnist and bestselling author, unsure why she is being called to live and work with the Maya in Central America
  • Luisa, a Mayan cook who adds laughter and miracles to every meal
  • Jorge, a man of mystery and intrigue, who always seems to know what’s about to happen before it does
  • Mandy, a high-powered New York stockbroker who gave up her career to live and work with the Maya in Mexico, Guatemala, and elsewhere.


The lessons these characters learn about life, time, and miracles will cling to your consciousness and bring you back to read Angel of The Maya many times.

Stop speculating about what will happen when the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Find out for yourself, read Angel of The Maya!

Let the Angel of The Maya guide you through the Yucatan, home of ancient and present-day Maya famous for ancient pyramids, astronomy, hieroglyphs, art, weaving, and pottery, as well as an outlook on life that contrasts sharply to other societies of today.


For an 'auto-graphed' copy of the paper-back version of Angel of The Maya, click here...


Can you grow spiritually while reading an adventure story?

You bet, if that book is Angel of The Maya! Discover how to:

  • Decrease stress in your life
  • Use time more effectively
  • Develop a deeper relationship with your spiritual source
  • Experience miracles in your everyday life
  • Gain greater peace of mind
  • Enjoy a lifestyle that supports and empowers you


Spiritual growth is attainable from reading an adventure story

...if that book is Angel of The Maya!

Complex characters painted with minimalist strokes splash across the pages as the story flows in and out of time and space—as if in a dream, yet grounded in reality. Written in a singular style that defies genre, Ruth Lee has created a beautiful, self-fulfilling prophesy of a world-class lifestyle never before conceived as being easily attainable by anyone. Join Mandy and friends in Angel of The Maya! and explore your spiritual life, too!


For an 'auto-graphed' copy of the paper-back version of Angel of The Maya, click here...



Easy to read, easy to own...just visit Amazon

and download your copy of Angel of The Maya now!