Meditate With Ruth Lee

Meditation helps...

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in order to really enjoy life!
  • Improve your health and energy, while providing a time to heal.
  • Experience peace of mind and well-being.
  • Feel confident, connected, and supported by the universe around you.
  • Listen to your inner wisdom and connect with your spiritual source.

You and everyone you know benefits from meditation, but not everyone knows it... or how to consistently and consciously benefit from all it provides the mind and body. If unable to meditate deep enough to hear your inner wisdom and connect with the Holy Spirit that can guide you through life, you may benefit from guided meditations and classes.

          Meditation is a safe way to free your mind of stress and regrets!

Healing is Only a Breath Away

Healing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee inspired thousands when it debuted as a tele-seminar. Letters poured in asking for more of this marvelous study that includes deep breathing exercises, visualization and meditation.  Thus this powerful CD was produced for them, as well as you, to adapt and use to achieve a state of bliss and healing. Everything you need to free your mind of fear and pain is here!

Healing is Only a Breath Away
CD by Ruth Lee

Price: $17.95 + Shipping & Handling

To some it may seem too easy to breathe your way to good health and prosperity, thus this very obvious truth is too often overlooked by those seeking a spiritual path to healing. When you breathe effectively and efficiently, you can heal your mind and body at the same time! Enjoy living from the inside out...learn to relax and breathe properly. You need good health to become wealthy and enjoy the good life, but even more you need peace of mind to have it all!

If all you require is more energy or a release from stress, just listening to this CD is enough. Those in need of deeper healings more by mastering "The Healing Breath" which is now available on CD, too.

Healing is Only a Breath Away supports Ruth Lee's classic meditations taught in the Full Circle of Meditation: "The Healing Breath" and "Ancient Tibetan Mantra, Om, Mani Padme, hum."  Two complete 20-minute classes on one CD!

The Full Circle of Meditation


Full Circle of Meditation (CD)
Taught by Ruth Lee

Price: $17.95 + Shipping & Handling

Meditation is described as an art by those who study culture and philosophy, but it is more a craft than an art because ...with practice anyone can master meditation. To prove the point, repeatedly follow the basic instructions provided by Ruth Lee in either of the two 20-minute classes in Full Circle of Meditation to receive the full benefits of entering your zone of inner peace.

TandyMeditation as practiced and taught by Ruth Lee is all about peace and self-knowledge, discovering that you are never without guidance from your spiritual source once you can discipline your mind and body.

Lose no time arguing about religion, politics, or culture… instead concentrate on the here and now and how to prolong a marvel-filled life. Don't miss out enjoying every minute of this immense moment in time!  Connect with your spiritual source and let go as you enter the flow of eternity.

Prayer Wheel

Your mind can exhaust you and cause loss of sleep. Stop struggling... follow simple steps provided in Ruth Lee's CDs and  relax. Set your spirit free! If you fall asleep during meditation, it means your body needs rest and more time to heal. A great night’s sleep is almost as good as an hour of meditation.

"Meditation's main benefit in today’s busy world is to release anxiety and increase your sense of wisdom and acceptance of life."  --Ruth Lee - Scribe

Monastery BellLet Ruth Lee help you master the “Healing Breath” and teach you to chant an ancient Tibetan mantra still used throughout the world. Yes, two simple meditation classes can change your life--when taught by Ruth Lee!

Step into a world of deep relaxation and peace designed to renew your energy and induce feelings of contentment and compassion. Learn to channel this energy into healing every aspect of your simply concentrating on your breath...then watch your joy in life rise.

Use these powerful meditations daily and let miracles happen!


Full Circle of Meditation provides two twenty-minute meditations that are ideal for people new to meditation as well as those who practice daily. All you need to meditate is contained in this CD.

Regardless of which meditation you choose as you drive, walk, or work, you need do nothing but listen and let it flow over and through your mind. However, its many positive effects are more noticeable if your mind is fully engaged while listening and follows cues that lead to deeper relaxation. All the while you remain alert enough to drive or complete chores. It is like taking a nap without sleeping.

Full Circle of Meditation

TRACK 1: Healing Breath 20 minutes

Deep, restorative breathing exercises designed to relax your body and mind without resorting to strenuous, tiring exercise. You can heal your life and grow healthier and wealthier by incorporating visualization and meditation to co-create your life at a cellular level. If already well and happy, become even more motivated and creative—able to respond more quickly. Use this short meditation daily to maintain or restore health!

TRACK 2: Ancient Tibetan Mantra...Om, mani padme, hum 20 minutes

The oldest, most-used prayer in the world! Learn to use the power of its resonance to increase your ability to breathe better and meditate more deeply. Just tune in or chant the mantra along with Ruth Lee and her class. To clear your environment of negativity, let it play even when you are not there. Chant the mantra exactly as demonstrated and watch how it changes your life! Chant and create prosperity greater than you believe possible now.


Are you ready to step up and into a great new world that you create one day-at-a-time?

Order a copy of Full Circle of Meditation for $17.95 plus shipping and handling now.

This investment will result in better health and more prosperity!

You deserve a break every day...and there is nothing better than a deep, restful meditation. Why ignore such a great way to relax and enjoy life?


* Photos taken by Ruth Lee during her travels in Tibet and the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.