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Ruth Lee is now accepting Coaching Clients...
But not everyone is suited for this work!

Holistic Life CoachOnly Coaching Clients gain personal access to work with Ruth Lee one-on-one. ..AND only a limited number of clients can be served this way.  Each session runs about an hour and a half via telephone...Thus it is necessary to contact Ruth Lee at RLeeScribe@aol.com BEFORE using the "Schedule Now" button to set up a coaching program that suits your schedule. 

All aspects of your professional and personal life are merged and polished until they shine as one bright unified light—because you are a star—and it's never easy for stars to live balanced and fulfilled lives...but make it happen by working together as a team. ~ Ruth Lee

NOTE: If already a coaching client of Ruth Lee, feel free to charge the fee for your session by clicking on the 'Schedule Now' button below. You will be guided through the payment process on our very secure PayPal site.

When deciding upon the best coach to work with you, it may help to know what other clients of Ruth Lee have to say about their work with her.  Following are recommendations to consider before contacting her to see if you can work with her...

Ruth Lee - SquareWords cannot describe how much I and my family benefit from your coaching.

Ruth, I want to thank you so much for your AMAZING coaching!

I love how you blend practical action steps with readings from my guides and such helpers—what a powerful combination.  So much has changed for me in this past year and a half since I started working with you this way.

I feel more at peace than ever before—and I just secured my LARGEST corporate client (think six figures) in 15 years of being in business! That seemed to come out of the blue, but you know better. I get coaching not only for my business, but also for my spiritual journey...what I truly came here to do!

Thank you so much! Words cannot describe how much I and my family benefit from your coaching.  I thank God every day for allowing you to work with me this way!

Love and JOY,

Sharon Wilson
Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder
Coaching from Spirit Institute

"You will not find a better coach or one more committed to you than Ruth Lee."

I have been working with Ruth Lee as my business, life, and spiritual coach for two years and can honestly say every aspect of my life has greatly improved.  I have worked with many coaches before and none come close to the scope and depth Ruth provides.  Her coaching is truly holistic in that we have worked on my business, my family, my health, my finances, and of course my spiritual growth.  All areas are growing and glowing today.  In fact, my life is totally changed for the better!   

If you need a coach who wants you to succeed in every area of life and has the knowledge and skill required to make that success a reality, you will not find a better coach or one more committed to you than Ruth Lee.

You can contact me,
Lynne Klippel

"Ruth has  taught me how to build value in my business, and prepare for retirement."

Life is a school, a test, a fantastic journey of soul growth. I have no idea how many times I’ve been here, but I know for sure this particular life has been heaped with adventure and blessings. For some amazing reason, my path crossed Ruth Lee’s and my life has never been the same. 

Working with Ruth Lee as my coach for the last two years has accelerated all facets of my life. I’ve known her for almost 20 years, and enjoyed occasional readings when life got hairy, but why didn’t I ask Ruth to coach me sooner? Ego!  Ego has been one of my hardest challenges this life. I didn’t like asking for help, but now I see how much I accomplish with Ruth’s guidance and look forward to every session.

However, working with Ruth is not for the faint of heart. Don’t expect to be coddled, placated, or flattered. I’ve had to face my flaws, my fears, and explore dreams I refused to acknowledge. She holds my feet to the fire and expects me to be the best I can be.

Ruth has seen me through complicated legal issues, taught me how to build value in my business, and prepare for retirement. I’ve been nudged out of my comfort zone a million times, and because of that, I have gained more inner confidence in who I am and in who I will become. 

There is no one like Ruth Lee, Scribe, and I am forever in her debt. 

Kathy Safchick
Owner, Uforia Salon and Spa
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Together we have moved mountains..."

Coaching with Ruth Lee has been an invaluable resource which helped me turn a year of huge challenges into a year of shattering old patterns, achieving milestones, and re-creating a life with much greater opportunities for me to grow on every level.  

I will never forget the events of the year 2012 in my life! I left both a long career and a long-term relationship in which I was neither valued nor rewarded for my dedication and commitment.  I also sold a home I loved and physically moved far away from a loving circle of family and friends who will always remain dear; but the fact remains, my life was not going in the direction I wanted it to go and I was not achieving the things I felt I needed, nor was I seeing how I could get off the "hamster wheel" I was on, or stop shoving aside things essential to my leading a deeply fulfilling and happy life.

Enter Ruth Lee, and miracles began to appear. To be honest, I have known Ruth for many years and have had the benefit of many classes, retreats and counseling work in the past, but it is weekly coaching and counseling that has catapulted me into a whole new and rewarding life. How did this happen? My growth has been fueled by Ruth's passion and my commitment to very effective strategies for daily work, as well as coping with fears and other self-limitations, building confidence, and keeping up enough pressure and support to help me achieve things that might have been far beyond the scope of anyone who has faced as much change in less than a year's time as I dealt with…yet I am fully intact and stronger than ever now.

Ruth is gifted in being able to take on the challenges and complexities of life with incomparable intelligence, precision, intuition and wisdom.  Her desire to help and work on behalf of each client's highest level of success, satisfaction, and well-being is literally in a class by itself. Her drive, work ethic, and deep concern for her clients is second to none.

No matter how tough the going, Ruth has been there for me—not just in scheduled coaching sessions, but daily whenever necessary.  Together we have moved mountains and today I am creating a life I can enjoy far more than I have ever enjoyed my life before.  

As a direct result of Ruth's work with me, I have made huge strides in bouncing back after a year of events that would have psychologically broken or crippled many; but with Ruth's insightful support, encouragement, and proven methods for success, I have healed, relocated and completely reinvented my life so I am now positioned to move even higher and achieve what I could only dream of in my former life.  With Ruth's coaching, I have done in a matter of weeks what it sometimes takes years to accomplish. One does not advance this far without much work on self, but when working with Ruth, miracles have a way of occurring -- like selling the house the first day it was shown!  

My work with Ruth has opened up inner reserves of peace, power, and capabilities I never knew I had, and the bond we have formed through our work has made this one of the single most valued and meaningful relationships of my life.    

 (Name and contact information available upon request.)