The Dream Weaver

Explore the World of Dreams with Ruth Lee

You can decode and immediately use the wisdom of dreams to solve everyday problems.  Explore your dreams!  Learn to interpret them...or ask The Dream Weaver to do it for you.

Dream Weaver, Ruth Lee, does not interpret dreams as taught and practiced by Western psychologists and therapists.  Her dream work resembles various shamanic practices, which is most helpful since we all live several lives at the same time, but only aware of it when we dream.

 Dreams can give you the edge you seek!

Don't spend years figuring out what your dreams mean!  


See for yourself why it pays to:

Honor your dreams

Pay attention to them

Discover their meanings

Look into your future


Once you acknowledge dreams and visions can benefit your everyday life...and that The Dream Weaver can help you interpret your dreams and use their wisdom, you are ready to turn your world into a wonder-filled life.  

Whenever confused, upset, or filled with regret, your dreams provides clues about how to eliminate negativity and generate positive changes in your daily life. Those who work with The Dream Weaver marvel at her insights and wisdom--you will, too. 

It's smart to seek The Dream Weaver's help with problems...And using e-mail to submit your dreams and receive your dream work from Ruth Lee reduces her time and energy spent, thus her fee is surprisingly low. 

Working with Ruth Lee is as easy as using e-mail!

 All you need do is provide a detailed description of your dream...Add any thoughts or interpretative work to see if you are on target or not... E-mail it to The Dream Weaver.   Ruth Lee then interprets your dream and suggests ways to insure favorable outcomes, as well as instruction on how to analyze dreams.  Once she completes work on your dream(s), it is e-mailed to you.

For more information, click: Request for Dreamwork

Ruth Lee's work on your dream 'trance-lates' into 2-3 single-spaced typed pages you can easily file away in your personal Dream Journal for future reference.  It is your life, but the wise apply knowledge derived from their dreams!

Remember: Don't neglect your night life!

Confidently enter your world of dreams, honoring all you experience there. Upon awakening, write down your dreams in a Dream Journal reserved for that soul purpose.  Let your mind absorb what happened and why, before commenting on each dream. These are crucial steps in analyzing any dream and discovering who you are as well as what is in store for you tomorrow.

Dreams foretell the future! Learn from your dreams and increase your awareness of their effect on your life.  Learn how to increase the likelihood of good outcomes.  Stop ignoring things that irritate you and figure it out in your dreams.  Seek out others of like-mind and have fun exploring dreams---and developing your spiritual life!

"The soul in sleep gives proof of its divine nature."  Cicero