Visual Art

The French novelist Marcel Proust wrote, "can we get outside of ourselves and know another's view of the universe which is not the same as ours and see landscapes which would otherwise have remained unknown to us like the landscapes of the moon."

To Ruth Lee, "The Color of Dreams" represents streams of consciousness. Each color clear and bright, leaving no doubt as to its importance, carefully weighted against its neighbor as shades, shapes, and context converge and change.

"Even casual observers cannot miss the shamanic overtones as Ruth Lee travels through unknown worlds to undiscovered destinations beyond today in her work.

"Birds carry messages on many tonal levels if you listen carefully. Their songs tell of beauty, love, direction, and community. Watch a flock of Ibis take off. No obvious leader dominates the scene, but they fly in harmony with a clear understanding of their next destination and ultimate destiny.

"Ruth Lee believes that birds are messengers who follow their inner flight patterns as angels might. Birds fly--travel through space--with just a bit of physics and even less effort. If I could guess about the birds displayed in this exhibit, I would say they are self-portraits of their own kind.

"Ruth Lee’s work with dreams and spiritual beings, portrayed as birds in this series, brings to mind messages relayed to all minds over time. The world of our inner spirit is best expressed when dreaming and in natural settings. If you let your spirit soar with the birds, then draw or paint what you see, will you recognize The Color of Dreams, too?"

Birgit Pauli-Haack, Docent - Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL (USA)