Spiritual Counseling

Ruth Lee, Scribe continues to offer spiritual counseling...

What to expect from a counseling session with The Scribe? Miracles!!

Everyday problems fade away as if by magic, but it is your Higher Self revealing ways and means for you to prosper, heal, and learn life lessons more easily.

With your permission, The Scribe contacts your Spiritual Guides and channels wisdom available to you at all times.  She 'trance-forms' the electrical impulses coursing through you into scripture she describes as originating in The Holy Spirit and dictated to her by Your Higher Self or Spiritual Guides. 

You immediately notice that the spiritual insights and wisdom received from your Spiritual Guides through Ruth Lee are logical and so easy to understand that some believe they need only one session to be able to live totally free of stress and achieve everything they want ever after. The wise, however, work with The Scribe regularly in order to confirm their intuitive thoughts and reach higher realms—before crises arrive!

Need a session with The Scribe?

It's easy to work with Ruth Lee as your personal, spiritual scribe... and you can charge the fee for your session to your PayPal account., using the safest system on the internet--PayPal.

  • Click the 'Buy Now' button below to order an Online Session...
  • You are then guided through the simple ordering process...
  • Send your questions and concerns directly to The Scribe via e-mail at RLeeScribe@aol.com.

You will receive via e-mail 5-7 pages of single-spaced typed wisdom channeled from YOUR spiritual source through the hands of The Scribe. This is your wisdom and your spiritual work, thus it is neither edited nor interpreted by Ruth Lee. She acts strictly as your Spiritual Scribe!

Working with The Scribe has changed thousands of lives--why not yours? Save yourself years of struggle trying to achieve happiness and personal success alone by gaining greater access to your intuitive wisdom via The Scribe!

To learn more about The Scribe and how Ruth Lee works, go to: "Why is Ruth Lee called a Scribe?"

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