Daily Thought for July 2 2015

2015 July 02
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In your mind are several places you hide and do not come out of unless people are kind.  Do you air them out enough?  Are they stuffed with what is better forgotten and ousted now?  Think about it and remove what is of no use.

Daily Thought for July 1 2015

2015 July 01
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Within and around you are many who would astound you if you only knew who they were and are now...but you stop yourself from discovering others.  Why?

Daily Thought for June 30 2015

2015 June 30
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Present and aware is the way to work and live every day of your existence here.  Why be drugged or upset and without any awareness when all that is here is merely the background for your life everywhere?  Yes, there is much more to you than what you see!

Daily Thought for June 29 2015

2015 June 29
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Out of the blue and into you comes a world of thought that you may not have thought about until you got it.  Was it You sending a message to you, or was it merely a coincidence that the idea popped up then?

Daily Thought for June 28 2015

2015 June 28
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In the work you do is an image of you.  Is it a good one or is it blurred and without substance?  If you want to leave something of you behind once you die, why not maintain a reputation of always keeping your word and never intentionally hurting anyone?  That will blur over time, but will work for the good of the world then and now.

Daily Thought for June 27 2015

2015 June 27
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Others may think you odd or not without fault, but if you agree and do nothing about it, you do not live, merely exist.  How is this?  You are alive to others all of your life and how they act toward you affects you and creates change.

Daily Thought for June 26 2015

2015 June 26
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Whenever you feel upset or disgusted and want to run away and not face the music today...think back to childhood and how that idea got started in the first place.  What you do today is usually an outgrowth of what you did in the past, so change it and recreate a better way so you are not frustrated again by this one thing or several others.

Daily Thought for June 25 2015

2015 June 25
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Quietly work on what you alone wish to own, or develop, or create and not talk aboutit now.  Be aware that the genius that lies behind your eyes needs time to acclimatize and decide what is wise and cannot be held back by what others say you should do or you must pursue because you said you would do it today.

Daily Thought for June 24 2015

2015 June 24
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Do not think you are without anyone to help you if you cannot do something now.  Rather imagine that you can help someone out who has a problem you can solve and perhaps you can swap ideas now.

Daily Thought for June 23 2015

2015 June 23
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In the midst of your life and in the middle of your latest worry you will find that you repeat much of what you say and even when you do every day.  If it is creating stress and you face it now, why not start removing it?