Daily Thought for August 1 2015

2015 August 01
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Within and around you at all times are thoughts that you grew and hold onto...and perhaps brood about and worry about.  Why not weed out those thoughts that are not helping you now?  Begin by thinking of one thing and making everything else subordinate to it.  If it is not worthy of that much attention, it is not worthy to be kept and held onto now.

Daily Thought for July 31 2015

2015 July 31
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Meditation is a deep sleep to some, and a very lively environment to another, and nothing much to most but a place where you can recharge and not have to bother with others.  What do you do in meditation or do you not take time out?

Daily Thought for July 30 2015

2015 July 30
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In your world of time and being alive are several places you can go to whenever you wish to be alone-- and yet cannot leave your home or wherever you are then.  What do you do there?  Are you happiest when you are in your own world or when surrounded by others who have no idea who they are either?

Daily Thought for July 29 2015

2015 July 29
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Poetry is the language of love...or is it the thoughtful pursuit of the spirit of You and what you would do if left to do only what you love?

Daily Thought for July 28 2015

2015 July 28
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Authors are often thought of as having a lot of memories or living very strange lives, because they write about such things, but whatever you read is not necessarily going to be believed if you are able to know the difference between fact, spirit, and imagination.  Give equal time to each and enlarge your mind.

Daily Thought for July 27 2015

2015 July 27
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In your work and in your life are parallel lines that link you to your past and what you decided then you would do today.  Are those lines frayed or still fresh and helping you today?

Daily Thought for July 26 2015

2015 July 26
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In your home are several things you value above everything else.  Do you often talk about them or not?  What makes them special and what do you think each adds to your life now?

Daily Thought for July 25 2015

2015 July 25
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Ever call someone out for doing what you do a lot?  That is often how some try to deflect who they are in flesh and do not like onto someone else.  Love you enough not to hate that for the rest of us.

Daily Thought for July 24 2015

2015 July 24
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Do you envy anyone?  Do you wish you could be another?  Are you basically free of envy and its mean cousin jealousy?  If you are, you are an odds-on candidate for happiest woman or man of the year!

Daily Thought for July 23 2015

2015 July 23
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Putting your best foot forward is the easiest way to begin each day; but what if you are satisfied with less than your best and each step is without any thought of what you are doing to live a better life now?