Daily Thought for November 26 2015

2015 November 26
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The way to the top is not easy if you decide to start at the bottom and climb up and over others.  If, however, you build a network of believers in you and many friends, too, you will have a net in place if you should ever fall, and thus be able to move up again, hopefully without as many problems as you had then.

Daily Thought for November 25 2015

2015 November 25
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Out of the blue is a description that means for no good reason...If you are blue for no good reason now, get out of it!  If not?  It grows on you until you are much too subdued to be you or too extreme to be believed.

Daily Thought for November 24 2015

2015 November 24
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Today a new world is created and it is this way until you break it or decide to change it.  What do you usually do when you awaken and realize you can be anyone you wish to be--within reason obviously.

Daily Thought for November 23 2015

2015 November 23
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Under the stars above is a description some cannot understand since they never see the sky at night.  Why?  They prefer the bright lights.

Daily Thought for November 22 2015

2015 November 22
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Under the weather is not a term that means much to some people, but to those who are ill due to the world around them expresses exactly the way they feel today.  How does weather affect you?

Daily Thought for November 21 2015

2015 November 21
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In the world around you today are those who look much like you and others who do not.  Who do you favor?  Answer truthfully and you will say: Those who are most like me.  With that in mind, how do you change the mind of others?

Daily Thought for November 20 2015

2015 November 20
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Taking others by the hand and leading them to the promised land is not a role for the average man or even the average woman...but some do seem to have all the answers.

Daily Thought for November 19 2015

2015 November 19
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Perfection is never achieved.  Right or wrong?  This will determine how strongly you persist in doing anything.

Daily Thought for November 18 2015

2015 November 18
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In the beginning you were the one you came to be, but as you aged you added others and became entangled.  Why do you think you allowed that to happen?  Was it necessary to be a complete human or was it because you believed it would make you a happy person?

Daily Thought for November 17 2015

2015 November 17
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When you are happy or sad it makes you more prone to do what?  Are you more amiable and glad to see others when happy?  If so, you probably do not come across as friendly when you are unhappy.  No one else should suffer because you are not happy with whatever...unless they are directly the cause of your frustration.