Daily Thought for May 24 2015

2015 May 24
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Justifying that you are important to others means you are not.  You either are yourself and feeling your power, or giving it over to another in hopes of gaining more than you could on your own.  Which means you are wise and which road leads to the top?

Daily Thought for May 23 2015

2015 May 23
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In your past and in your future there exists a piece of you that is you today...So what do you wish to continue and what do you wish to reduce or remove?  It is always up to you what you produce...argue all you like, but you decide what you like, what you do with your life...and not anyone else.

Daily Thought for May 22 2015

2015 May 22
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In the division of labor that you create daily is a path that you always remember to do...and some things that lag.  What does it tell you about who you are?  Can you even know who you are if you do not know what you like best or hate most?  Try to imagine marrying someone else who is not known to you and then hoping to be able to live successfully and happily then.  You must know you, but not enough to worry You. :)

Daily Thought for May 21 2015

2015 May 21
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On and on and on you run, but why a marathon?  What is wrong if you cannot work hard, yet you can run for miles in order to impress someone else?  You have your mind on the wrong target then!

Daily Thought for May 20 2015

2015 May 20
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Within a day of this you will feel better than you did when you started this day.  Why?  You are who controls your life...and you can set it up now to be better and better rather than whatever happens happens.  Why give over control of what you can easily be?

Daily Thought for May 19 2015

2015 May 19
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Within you is a power so great you cannot kill it with strong drink or drugs, but you can humiliate the ego that follows it.  Be true to you and keep your lines of inner communication open to You, so you are never blue or sad about why you turned out this way and are in this life.

Daily Thought for May 18 2015

2015 May 18
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In the work you do today is a way of life that you will end or sure you know which is best or you will regret it.

Daily Thought for May 17 2015

2015 May 17
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Criticizing another is not helpful, unless that one contributes directly to your work or your living or your homelife.  If they do, then by all means let them know if you are disappointed...rather than acting indifferent to it and letting it build until you cannot handle it well and will rebel.

Daily Thought for May 16 2015

2015 May 16
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In the world of today there are several ways you can make it and not stand out, but the best way to actually get ahead is not to let the competition in on it until you can withstand their attacks and attempts to reduce that fact.

Daily Thought for May 15 2015

2015 May 15
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Under, above, and around you is a universe you refuse to know much about.  Why?  What makes you smug if you have no idea where you fit in when it comes to the entire schematic of this world you live in now?