Daily Thought for December 31 2015

2015 December 31
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Another year ends and a new one begins, but just another day to most people the world over.  What makes it different to you...or is it not that special?

Daily Thought for December 30 2015

2015 December 30
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If you have a list of people who are apt to invite you to dinner or out for the night, why do you not begin to invite them now?

Daily Thought for December 29 2015

2015 December 29
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Quietly look over what you own and give away what no longer suits your way of life.  Diet only if your doctor allows it and if you have no medical advice to rely less and not diet at all.

Daily Thought for December 28 2015

2015 December 28
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Put yourself into the life of another and you will not like it.  You may envy someone a lot now, but if you had to take everything that they lived through or are going to live through, you would not want it!

Daily Thought for December 27 2015

2015 December 27
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No one is going to disapprove of you unless you do what they definitely hate or have said not to do.  Can it be that you often like to go against the wind and tempt fate by not heeding the advice of those who are sent to guide you this life?

Daily Thought for December 26 2015

2015 December 26
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Only you know what you expect of others...but you can demonstrate what you think they should do in many ways that are clearly not the best behavior to get them to work harder or do more.

Daily Thought for December 25 2015

2015 December 25
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Today is a time of life that you seldom forget, so make this day one you will celebrate long after it is past!

Daily Thought for December 24 2015

2015 December 24
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No one expects you to do more than you can afford, but egos do tend to like to compete with others...even when the mind knows better than to enter such affairs.  Buy what you like and can afford and live happily evermore.

Daily Thought for December 23 2015

2015 December 23
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No one doubts you when you say you are not very good at whatever, so why say it when you do not mean it?  False humility is not the way to win over others to following your work.

Daily Thought for December 22 2015

2015 December 22
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No one is going to work for you if you do not know what they must do?  It happens every day in places where the management is lax and pays little or no attention to the facts.  Unfortunately, sooner rather than later the company collapses from lack of a plan and grand design and people wise enough to expand it over time.