Daily Thought for September 1 2015

2015 September 01
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Creative people do not deceive themselves into believing that they alone see things and can do things that no one else can do or has ever done, but those who copy others only, never feel that and are often tempted to believe that all is done and nothing else can ever be new and fresh now.

Daily Thought for August 31 2015

2015 August 31
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In the end of time you will find it does not matter what you said, but it does count against you if you do nothing or did not try to do what was decent and right according to how you were educated and trained.  Why?  The mind twists when it cannot do what it is told to do and lies in wait to harm you at the end of this fate.

Daily Thought for August 30 2015

2015 August 30
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No one knows who you are?  What a surprise when others can easily determine what you are doing and why.  You are not so very different from everyone else.  If you were you would be displayed in a carnival as a freak of nature.  Think on it and adjust your need to stand out and instead be yourself.

Daily Thought for August 29 2015

2015 August 29
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Other people are what to you?  Are they merely actors who appear in your life, do something, and then walk out and never appear again; or do you continue year-after-year with the same people, changing your appearance and behaviors so each gets to act out the starring roles as well as appear behind the scenes?

Daily Thought for August 28 2015

2015 August 28
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Other people are a part of your world, but are they the main actors and you have to interact, or do you demand to be the star?  If you star, you are always in the center of the crowd now and everyone caters to you, but you cannot move beyond that place or open a new wave, because you do not have the space to do it then.

Daily Thought for August 27 2015

2015 August 27
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Today marks the anniversary of something you did in the past.  What is it?  If you do not remember what you did on this date ever, then make sure you remember today!

Daily Thought for August 26 2015

2015 August 26
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Can you describe a day in the life of your best friend and have it confirmed by him or her--or not?  Decide now how much you like another--and why, and you will sense you still do not know much about what makes him or her tick.

Daily Thought for August 25 2015

2015 August 25
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Contentment means what?  Do you ever feel you have done all you could possibly do now?  If not, you are walking through life and not participating as if this is it!

Daily Thought for August 24 2015

2015 August 24
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Out of the way and into the work you adore?  You have to work alone part of your life in order to decide what you love to do and how it can support you.  Do you think... or are you merely following a leader, doing what another believes will make you better?  Do your thing and you will think more highly of you than you do when not doing that.

Daily Thought for August 23 2015

2015 August 23
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Out of the blue and into this reality is the best way to proceed today.  Do not let your mind sink below a certain degree of humanity.  Stay balanced and without too much down time in order to feel high.  Be yourself and enjoy this life!