Daily Thought for October 6 2015

2015 October 06
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Creative people seldom are bored...or can you say they are never bored?  It would hardly apply to people who are very interested in others that they would be bored while in the company of why do people say that about you or someone else?  Think about it before you apply such a label to others.

Daily Thought for October 5 2015

2015 October 05
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One of the best things about life is:             Did you fill in the blank or are you sitting there waiting for someone else to do that for you?  Do not let others fill in your life...think for yourself and become aware of how much you love this world and living now.

Daily Thought for October 4 2015

2015 October 04
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Today begins within and then moves outward into the world around you.  What greets you immediately?  Is it something you like and want to do over again or is it drudgery of a type that makes you wish you could do something new now?  Why not shake up your mind and switch places today and seek a better way to rise and shine?

Daily Thought for October 3 2015

2015 October 03
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Questioning what another does may help you learn to do it yourself...but if it is intended to instead make fun of them or question why they spend so much time on it...walk away and do something!

Daily Thought for October 2 2015

2015 October 02
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As you work on your life from the inside, all see what you accomplish, but not in the way you might think they see it.  Try to observe your actions as if you were an outsider at least every few may change the way you present yourself now.

Daily Thought for October 1 2015

2015 October 01
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Forget what you were doing?  It happens when you are distracted, unattached to the outcome, or you are living in another frame of time--right now--while thinking you are in this life.

Daily Thought for September 30 2015

2015 September 30
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Quickly analyze the month that just passed to know if you are aligned with your mind or not.  The mind out of sync with time is unable to grasp what is happening outside your usual venue.  Be aware you now have to move and be sure of who you are...because no one else is going to fill your shoes but You.

Daily Thought for September 29 2015

2015 September 29
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Who would tell you what to do?  Are you employed now and under the thumb of a supervisor?  You are luckier than most then because you know what to do or have someone close by who takes the blame if you do not.  Everyone else has to blame themselves when things do not work out quite as they expected.

Daily Thought for September 28 2015

2015 September 28
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Quickly now...learn to move more steadily and accurately than you did in the past, then you need not fear someone else will beat your time this year.  Life disappears when you neglect to keep things in effect now and work for the life you expect.  Be yourself, smile a lot, and all will believe you are suddenly in the lead!

Daily Thought for September 27 2015

2015 September 27
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On any given day you are usually doing what?  Can you quickly size up what you do most days or are you living a very chaotic existence now?  Which do you think will burn out and not get much done?