New Book: Writing in Spirit: Jeanne's Story

Writing in Spirit: Jeanne's Story by Ruth Lee "Writing in Spirit" is ready for you now! 

So much more than just a novel! Jeanne’s explorations of mind and spirit will enhance your relationships and deepen your convictions and connections to your inner guidance system.  Whatever your belief system, you will recognize your truth and wisdom throughout Writing in Spirit.

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It's Time to Catch the Wave!

Welcome to wisdom scribed by Ruth Lee and shared freely here. 

Included is an eclectic selection of facts, whimsy, hilarity, scientific and not-so-scientific research. . .plus visions of real life and lives of greatness.
If there is a theme, it is living together in peace and harmony requires tolerance and compassion.  In other words, expect the unexpected!
Feel free to share Daily Lessons, but please give credit to source.
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Floaters and Flashes: Posterior Vitreous Detachment

2014 September 17

A few months back I experienced flashes of bright light from the side of my right eye…then two huge black snakes suddenly appeared on my office wall.  Whatttt?  Folks, that was my introduction to PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment) and I was suddenly in a race to save my sight.  Isaac Porter, MD, explains posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) in this episode of A State of Sight.

For more on PVD and a short video i wish i had seen on More


Daily Thoughts for September 17, 2014

2014 September 17

Intuitively you know you are not telling the truth about what you want to do, but you may do whatever you like and most others will never notice.  However, lies have a way of building up and standing out -- if you lie a lot or live very differently from what you want others to believe now.

Terrifying Truth About Bananas

2014 September 16

Hank loves bananas and is worried about their future, so he did some investigating and wrote this episode of SciShow to share some kinda scary banana truths with us.


Daily Thoughts for September 16, 2014

2014 September 16

No one is going to tell you how to live unless you are doing an incredibly bad job of it now and it infringes upon what others believe is true of themselves, or you are related to them and they believe they own a part of you even now.  This is your life, so enjoy and create whatever you like!

Daily Thoughts for September 15, 2014

2014 September 15

Can you work on you and not think about others?  If so, you are slowly learning that you do not exist alone, and whenever you think you have it made, someone else passes you by and so on all through life.  Why not then pay attention and learn from those who are working as you are and combine your talents and thoughts to become a greater work of art than you are alone?

"CALDERA" by Evan Viera

2014 September 14

I was told to watch this absolutely beautiful and Award-Winning CGI animated short film by talented Animation filmmaker and composer, Evan Viera—and I did--and I really didn’t get it! Interesting cinematrography and all that…but so what??  Then I looked at the list of awards received:  Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction; Award of Innovation - Seattle International Film Festival; Best Animated Film - Rome Independent Film Festival; Best Animated Film - Rockport Film Festival; Best Short - View Social Awards; and nominated for "Best Picture" - Maverick Movie Awards; Nominated for "Best Director" - Maverick Movie Awards.  Click on More to see "Why?" as well as view the video.