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Welcome to wisdom scribed by Ruth Lee and shared freely here. 

Included is an eclectic selection of facts, whimsy, hilarity, scientific and not-so-scientific research. . .plus visions of real life and lives of greatness.
If there is a theme, it is living together in peace and harmony requires tolerance and compassion.  In other words, expect the unexpected!
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Learn to Write in Spirit: Two new books from Ruth Lee

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The purpose of the Workbook and Notebook is to inspire you to dare to write in the highest level of your total being and use all you have within you to become a better human being than you are now.  You will triumph if you can move through these exercises and enjoy them!

Daily Thought for October 9 2015

2015 October 09

Pretty is a word that you either use a lot or seldom ever use.  Why is that?  Ever wonder why you have such a wide vocabulary, but when asked your opinion you fall back and use only a tiny part of your knowledge to describe how you relate or feel about it?

Daily Thought for October 8 2015

2015 October 08

In the middle of the work you are doing today, stop and take a deep, steady breath and hold it for longer than you believe is necessary.  Why?  To expand your mind with what you can do to increase your capacity to live longer now.

Daily Thought for October 7 2015

2015 October 07

Willingly decide that you have tried everything you like several times and then decided you were tired of it...before you buy something else that most would describe as a new toy.  Do not buy what you like?  Buy what you require to have a better life!

Daily Thought for October 6 2015

2015 October 06

Creative people seldom are bored...or can you say they are never bored?  It would hardly apply to people who are very interested in others that they would be bored while in the company of why do people say that about you or someone else?  Think about it before you apply such a label to others.

Daily Thought for October 5 2015

2015 October 05

One of the best things about life is:             Did you fill in the blank or are you sitting there waiting for someone else to do that for you?  Do not let others fill in your life...think for yourself and become aware of how much you love this world and living now.

Daily Thought for October 4 2015

2015 October 04

Today begins within and then moves outward into the world around you.  What greets you immediately?  Is it something you like and want to do over again or is it drudgery of a type that makes you wish you could do something new now?  Why not shake up your mind and switch places today and seek a better way to rise and shine?