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If there is a theme, it is living together in peace and harmony requires tolerance and compassion.  In other words, expect the unexpected!
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History Does Repeat Itself

2014 November 22

America's Great Indian Nations is a full-length documentary that profiles six of the major North American indigenous tribes that were defeated and subdued as part of the settling of the United States.   If you do not know much about this episode in American history…you should set aside time now to watch it undisturbed by other work.


With reenactments, clarifying maps, artwork, and landscape scenery, this program features The Iroquois, a confederacy comprised of several Indian tribes; The Seminoles in Florida, who welcomed escaped slaves and fought three major wars with the United States before meeting their ultimate defeat; The Shawnee, fierce Ohio Algonquians who allied with the French against the British; The Navajo, a farming people who today are the largest remaining Native American tribe; The Cheyenne, a nomadic Plains Indian tribe that depended on the American bison for sustenance; The Lakota Sioux, the dominant Sioux tribe comprised of the bands called Oglala, Brule, Hunkpapa, and Minneconjou.  (Video: 55 mins)


Daily Thought for November 22, 2014

2014 November 22

Quietly assess what you do best.  Why do it quietly?  Because when you announce you do something great, everyone looks at you and evaluates it and you may lose.  Instead, suggest what you do well and would like to contribute...see if that sells you well or better than you sell you now.

Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

2014 November 21

Here is the full length original first edition video footage published by Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) in March 1937.  This video first popularized the Law Of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is defined simply by acknowledging that thoughts are things...You Are What You Think.... Like Attracts Like.... You Become Your Dominant Thoughts... This film is truly a piece of history and a snapshot of Old School Americana.

Napoleon Hill compiled this knowledge from the world’s millionaires back at the turn of the 20th century.  He describes an encounter with Andrew Carnegie that inspired him to write his classic self-improvement book: 'Think and Grow Rich,' which inspired countless people and created many fortunes. This film is essentially his book in spoken form and the lessons are timeless.



Daily Thought for November 21, 2014

2014 November 21

Turning Air into Water

2014 November 20

A young Australian inventor is the toast of the international engineering community. Motivated by epidemics of famine and farmer suicides from successive crop failures, 28-year old Edward Linacre was inspired by bio-mimicry to design a solar-powered AirDrop device, which takes in air from above the soil and cools it below ground, causing the water in the air to condense, in a passive system of sub-surface drip irrigation. 


Linacre's design has won him the A$15,000 James Dyson Award for Engineering and it's the toast of the international engineering community, as an elegant solution for meeting the demands of feeding a world with a population which will soon reach the number of 10 billion people.  (For more info, click more)



Daily Thought for November 20, 2014

2014 November 20

If you stop and look at others, do you look at yourself or do you look at what they do that is different from you?  Yes, the law of comparison works all the time and you either are aware you measure others to what you do or you lose perspective and are very confused about you and them, too.