New Book: Writing in Spirit: Jeanne's Story

Writing in Spirit: Jeanne's Story by Ruth Lee "Writing in Spirit" is ready for you now! 

So much more than just a novel! Jeanne’s explorations of mind and spirit will enhance your relationships and deepen your convictions and connections to your inner guidance system.  Whatever your belief system, you will recognize your truth and wisdom throughout Writing in Spirit.

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It's Time to Catch the Wave!

Welcome to wisdom scribed by Ruth Lee and shared freely here. 

Included is an eclectic selection of facts, whimsy, hilarity, scientific and not-so-scientific research. . .plus visions of real life and lives of greatness.
If there is a theme, it is living together in peace and harmony requires tolerance and compassion.  In other words, expect the unexpected!
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David Kelley: How to Build Creative Confidence

2014 July 22

When it comes to uncovering your creativity, fear of being judged is a serious problem.  How old were you when you decided you couldn't draw or couldn't paint or couldn't sing?  Think back to grade school for clues…I notieced when i taught art as a substitute teacher in a local elementary school that kids about age 12 or puberty start judging themselves and others harshly and it begins in the arts!


Check out what David Kelley has to say about it before you grow another day older...Is your school or workplace divided into "creatives" versus 'practical people'? David Kelley suggests creativity isn't the domain of only a chosen few. Here he tells stories from his legendary career as a designer, as well as his own life, and offers ways to build your confidence to create.


Daily Thoughts for July 22

2014 July 22

Up until you leave this plane you are expected to play the game.  What game and how do you play it?  You are playing a game now if you expect us to explain it to you.

John Perkins Thinks We Screwed Up, But We Can Fix It

2014 July 21

Join Greg Hunter as he goes one-on-one with John Perkins, best-selling author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" which was reviewed here some time ago.  John Perkins has a unique perspective about the unfolding crisis in Iraq. His answer to the collapsing world economy is to invest in companies making the world a better place and be less concerned with profit than with a world his grandson will be grateful to investing in companies big and small that are taking a leadership role in a new form of economics.  This is the subject of his latest book, 'Hoodwinked: An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why the Global Economy IMPLODED -- and How to Fix It.'



Daily Thoughts for July 21

2014 July 21

Taking time to enjoy your life is time well spent and will add years to whatever you want to do, too.  Be aware that no one cares if you are angry or happy unless your anger stops them from doing what they like then.

Daily Thoughts for August 4

2014 July 20

Creative thoughts are what?  If you are not creating now, what are you doing?  If you are able to know what will be written here, are you clairvoyant or are you creating it now?  What comes to you when you let your mind go blank and totally relax?  Is that creative or what is etched in your mind from all time?  How do you get ready to do something totally new?

Life Inside an Ant Colony

2014 July 20

For over a year I've been waging war on fire ants that previously enjoyed a complete takeover of my property and were unwilling to share it with me when I took over ownership.  Fire ants are fearsome creatures that leave a big bite behind and will attack with army-like precision when aroused to protect their turf.  Having said that, I truly admire ants! Everyone can gain so much from this video created by the BBC’s Planet Ant in 2013.