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Welcome to wisdom scribed by Ruth Lee and shared freely here. 

Included is an eclectic selection of facts, whimsy, hilarity, scientific and not-so-scientific research. . .plus visions of real life and lives of greatness.
If there is a theme, it is living together in peace and harmony requires tolerance and compassion.  In other words, expect the unexpected!
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Learn to Write in Spirit: Two new books from Ruth Lee

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The purpose of the Workbook and Notebook is to inspire you to dare to write in the highest level of your total being and use all you have within you to become a better human being than you are now.  You will triumph if you can move through these exercises and enjoy them!

Daily Thought for August 4 2015

2015 August 04

July or August?  What makes a difference in your timing and in your planning?  Why does it matter if you are working hard now or taking time off?  It makes a huge difference in how you agree to be you and live with your significant others.  You must not say you will take time to be with someone and then talk to everyone else!

Daily Thought for August 3 2015

2015 August 03

Fully agree or disagree, but do not mislead others into believing you agree with them when you do not.  That will end your friendship as fast as being nasty can and it will last.

Daily Thought for August 2 2015

2015 August 02

Make your life one giant collage and see what it looks like from outer space if you like, but make it look great.  Picture you having fun, making enough money to feed and clothe and house you and your others, and working at something of worth that others need or want.  You will then have it done and can move on!

Daily Thought for August 1 2015

2015 August 01

Within and around you at all times are thoughts that you grew and hold onto...and perhaps brood about and worry about.  Why not weed out those thoughts that are not helping you now?  Begin by thinking of one thing and making everything else subordinate to it.  If it is not worthy of that much attention, it is not worthy to be kept and held onto now.

Daily Thought for July 31 2015

2015 July 31

Meditation is a deep sleep to some, and a very lively environment to another, and nothing much to most but a place where you can recharge and not have to bother with others.  What do you do in meditation or do you not take time out?

Daily Thought for July 30 2015

2015 July 30

In your world of time and being alive are several places you can go to whenever you wish to be alone-- and yet cannot leave your home or wherever you are then.  What do you do there?  Are you happiest when you are in your own world or when surrounded by others who have no idea who they are either?